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                Hello, welcome to Guangdong Huaheng Intelligent Technology Co., ltd.!
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                • Up to 40 patents high tech companies in the country
                • A national R & D, manufacturing, sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises
                • 15 years experience in mechanical design team
                • CCD video vision system research and development for nearly 20 years

                Hua Heng products

                Be an affordable CCD automatic counter for Chinese Enterprises

                1. Film para machine
                2. Covering film
                3. Exposure machine
                Film para machine 8888

                   Maximum power: 3KW

                   Control mode: motion control card

                   Substrate size: 100--400*250mm

                   Production efficiency: 30s/ sets

                   Applicability: do soft and hard combination Edition

                   Film size: 110-410*277mm

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                Film laminating machine

                Name: covering film laminating machine

                Model: TM100

                Equipment function: automatic feeding and unloading: one-time batch feeding and blanking, the machine automatically complete the material taking, tearing film, contraposition, stacking, hot pressing, finished product blanking and so on.

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                Ink counter

                Name: ink counter

                Model: AM200

                Equipment features: suitable for contraposition products: one to one or sub areas to fit the counterpoint

                Advantages of the equipment: the accuracy of the contraposition machine is high, and it has the function of contraposition and self checking to prevent mistakes

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                Hua Heng advantage

                China Heng intelligent technology, FPC industry leader

                About Huaheng

                Dedicated to producing world class CCD automatic alignment products

                Company video

                China Heng company since 2011 formally incorporated. China Heng is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises. Hua Heng company in the FPC industry to provide high-precision production equipment, technology in the CCD imaging system independent research and development, high-precision assembly, automated testing and other fields. The invention has 5 items, and has a plurality of existing utility patents. Hua Heng company has 1 senior engineer titles, 8 intermediate engineers titles. Hua Heng company engaged in automation professional and technical personnel 21, Hua Heng company has excellent professional after-sales service team. Hua Heng has nearly 20 years experience in R & D of CCD image vision system, and 15 years experience in mechanical design team.

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                Eternal Glory

                More than 40 patents, professional PCF automation R & D

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